See you in early January

I think the title says it all, I’m taking a short and much needed break, but first a quick recap…

This year (2010)

For me, this year has been eventful to say the least. I’ve learnt so much in many different areas.
I’ve launched CSS-Plus, which has taught me and given me a lot, and I started working for a company called ClayAnt Creative.

Next year (2011)

I think next is full of awesome things to come. I’m going to release PlusSlider Version 1 in early January.
The new CSS-Plus theme should be done in early 2011.
I’ve also got a few useful jQuery plugins in the pipelines which will make my life, and hopefully yours too, easier.

Have a merry Christmas

And a very decent new years eve.

P.S. You can still catch my one liners on twitter.

Any questions or comments?

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