• How to merge two WordPress databases with MySQL


    Recently I’ve had to do this and I was unable to find something that could solve my problem online. I wanted to merge a WooCommerce WordPress site into a very large WordPress blog. It ended up being relatively simple to do this, however I’d just like to note that I’m not a MySQL┬áprofessional so there may be much more efficient ways of doing this, however this was good enough for my needs. Make sure to backup your WordPress database before messing around with it.

  • Create your own jQuery Image Slider


    I originally posted this article on 15 September 2010. This is an updated version.

    This tutorial is for beginners. The method for creating the slider could be done differently, but I feel this way is more simple to understand.

  • inline-block: The complete story


    inline-block is something I hadn’t used until a couple of months ago. I was comfortable with block and inline elements so I didn’t feel the need to learn anything more. I was also under the impression, as I’m sure many developers are, that anything other than display: block and display: inline has cross-browser inconsistency problems and should be avoided.

    This article focuses on why you should start using display: inline-block, understanding this value as well as how to make sure it is consistent across all modern browsers and IE7+.

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