• Create your own jQuery Image Slider


    I originally posted this article on 15 September 2010. This is an updated version.

    This tutorial is for beginners. The method for creating the slider could be done differently, but I feel this way is more simple to understand.

  • inline-block: The complete story


    inline-block is something I hadn’t used until a couple of months ago. I was comfortable with block and inline elements so I didn’t feel the need to learn anything more. I was also under the impression, as I’m sure many developers are, that anything other than display: block and display: inline has cross-browser inconsistency problems and should be avoided.

    This article focuses on why you should start using display: inline-block, understanding this value as well as how to make sure it is consistent across all modern browsers and IE7+.

  • Gaussian Blur and CSS3/SVG


    Edited: 07 January 2014 – Updated article to reflect current browser support.
    Gaussian blur is something I use a lot when it comes to Photoshop. It would be very handy to have that kind of ‘filter’ power within a browser environment.

  • My Journey to the Perfect Text-Editor


    This article is about why I feel Sublime Text 2 is the best text editor ever and how/why I ended up using it. I’ve decided to write this because I seem to talk about this topic quite often and it would be easier for me to reference someone to an article rather than explaining my rationale over and over again.

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