PlusSlider Beta

I’ve been talking about creating a content slider for a while now and today is the day that I finally have something to show for it.

I’ve been creating and working with sliders a lot lately and there have been a few things that have bugged me about them, the main ones are:

  • Image-only sliders
  • Sliders fade, but don’t slide or vice-versa
  • Invalid and complicated markup

I know there are way too many content/image sliders out there, but—Ironically—I haven’t managed to find one that can fade and slide. You might be thinking to yourself: This can’t fade and slide either.
You are 100% correct. However, this is the Beta release. I am releasing a Beta so that I can receive feedback and work on useful things I may have overlooked, while implementing the ‘slide’ functionality.

So, feel free to give feedback!

Any questions or comments?

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