• Implementing fonts with @font-face


    This is probably one of the coolest CSS3 features, along with box-shadow and border-radius. @font-face was introduced in CSS2 by IE and it has been around since IE 5. Most browsers have the ability to use .ttf or .otf fonts, however IE has to be difficult – it only supports .eot fonts. Luckily it is very easy to implement all of these file types.

  • How to create an image caption with jQuery


    I’ve been meaning to create an image caption for a while now and instead of putting it off I just decided to do it. This image caption is not a plugin – It merely allows you to understand how a jQuery image caption would be created. I will eventually turn it into a plugin with useful options, etc. But for now, this will just have to do.

  • How to add a Gaussian Blur effect to elements within firefox


    I have been trying to find an easy, efficient way of applying a Gaussian blur effect to images and elements. I would usually achieve this by creating the image with the Gaussian Blur effect already applied. I wouldn’t say this is efficient at all. It is about as efficient as creating rounded corners using images.

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