• Solid mobile HTML development


    Before I even get started, the word “Solid” in the title implies that the HTML should work on pretty much all mobile phones. So no fancy smart-phone tricks, just a few good old wholesome HTML and CSS tips.

  • The Best of CSS-Plus


    What is ‘The Best of CSS-Plus’? It’s the beginning of a possible series about some of my CSS tips and tricks.

    I wouldn’t say I have many CSS tricks, but I do have a few practical cross-browser-compatible CSS methods I like to make use of.

    I find cross-browser compatibility CSS tips, by far, the most useful of all. What use is CSS when it’s going to force you to create an extra (IE specific) stylesheet?

  • Create a simple jQuery looped timer


    Timers are useful things to have in your javascript toolbox of tricks. Common examples of looped timers are carousel plugins. These normally have a couple of options, and often one of them is to have the carousel window change every –insert amount of seconds here– seconds. This is basically what we’re going to go through during this tutorial.

    This timer isn’t going to be doing anything crazy, it’s merely going to rotate between <p> tags every second. The rest is up to you and your imagination.

  • Tweaking CSS-Plus


    You might notice that one or two things look a bit out of place – This is probably because they are!

    I’m going to be adding new features to the site, such as a Request page, where you can request tutorials, freebies or articles and a few other tweaks to make the site a bit easier to navigate and make it a bit more interesting in general.

  • Basic CSS Selectors you’re missing out on


    This article isn’t about CSS selectors that you should be using and you don’t know it yet… It’s about CSS selectors you might not know about because 1 or 2 popular browsers don’t support them.

    Basic CSS selectors are extremely useful… Unfortunately they are not well supported cross-browser. When I say “not well supported”, I’m not even referring to CSS3 selectors.

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