• Create a scrolling anchor link with jQuery


    I’ve been meaning to do this tutorial for a while now and it seems as if I’m finally getting around to it!

    Very simply put, this will function like a normal internal anchor link or named anchor link, but will scroll to the specified destination instead of merely jumping there. It’s a really easy-to-implement and awesome thing to add to almost any website.

  • How to horizontally centre anything with CSS


    There two kinds of display elements we work with most of the time, and they are inline-level elements and block-level elements. By default, elements such as <span> and <a> are examples of inline elements whereas <h1>, <h2>, <p> and <div> are examples of block elements. These elements are not forced to stay inline or block. The browser applies basic styling to elements and it is this that gives the elements their seemingly engrained properties.

  • 4 Useful jQuery selectors


    I’ve created quite a few jQuery components before, and I continue to do so every day. This forces me to find best practices and short-cuts to cut down development time, keep things simple and cross browser compatible.
    This article is going to be about a bunch of jQuery selectors that I find useful and use on a daily basis because, they simply work well for me.

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