• IE and rounded corners


    Note: The original post was published March 19 2010. The original article’s CSS3 emulator of choice was CurvyCorners

    When someone uses the words “rounded corners” and “IE” in the same paragraph, rest assured a puppy has died somewhere.

    There are a few ways to achieve rounded corners in IE, unfortunately none of them are pain free. I usually like to use rounded corners as progressive enhancement, so IE8 and lower just have to deal with square corners. Luckily, IE9 has been released and it supports the border-radius CSS property. IE10 is already on the way and it should be released sometime at the end of this year. Go Microsoft.

  • May is Maintenance Month 2011


    Last year Chris Coyier posted an article titled “May is Maintenance Month“. Chris’ idea was to rewrite older articles to keep the resource (his website) up to date. I didn’t join him in doing so last year — mostly because css-plus was still very new at that point. This year, however, I am supporting the fight against old/outdated articles. I’ll mention that the article was rewritten and also refer to the original date.

  • Prevent :last-child from slowing you down


    :first-child is a CSS selector that has been around since the CSS 2.1 spec. It is extremely useful and can be used effectively in various ways.

    :last-child has finally made an appearance in CSS 3. One would think that selectors such as first and last child are pretty much the same and would be implemented at the same time. This is not the case and they have pretty big performance differences.

  • PlusAnchor jQuery Plugin


    PlusAnchor is a jQuery plugin I’ve just created. At the moment it solves a simple and specific problem: Anchor links cause the browser scroll to the destination instead of merely jumping there.

  • Create a lightbox with CSS3


    The days of using javascript lightboxes are over!

    Just kidding, javascript lightboxes remain a much more efficient and cross-browser friendly way of doing achieving the lightbox effect. This CSS3 lightbox tutorial is for demonstration purposes only. I’m doing this because it’s interesting to see how far you can push CSS and you end up learning quite a lot. I do at least.

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