• Master the jQuery for each loop


    The jQuery for each loop can be very powerful. It is used just like any other jQuery function such as .click(), .hover(), etc. and it accepts a callback. As you know, or have probably guessed, the jQuery for each function loops over selected items and does whatever you’d like to targetted items.

  • Create Accordions with CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery


    First thing is first, let me clarify what I mean by Create an Accordion with CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery. I am talking about creating 3 different accordions, one which relies heavily on CSS3, one with jQuery and one with HTML5.

    If you haven’t already had to create some sort of accordion by now, I’m sure you will run into it sooner or later. It’s actually a very simple concept that requires very little script to create a fully functional accordion.

  • jQuery if / else statements


    There is no such thing as a jQuery if / else statement. Shocking, isn’t it? You might be thinking something like: “There must be! In fact, I’m 99% sure there is!“.

    They don’t exist. This is because jQuery is javascript. What you’re looking for is a javascript if/else statement.

  • Behold the CSS Lightsaber


    Note: Check out the demo before reading. I’ve been working on CSS lightsabers lately. I remember seeing one a while back and liking the concept, however I thought it could be greatly improved. I’ve also been itching to create animation out of CSS transitions. By “animation” I mean one event followed by another event. Transitions can mimic full blown animation by transitioning multiple elements at the same time with different delays. This gives the effect of an element being animated. Very simply they all occur simultaneously, but the initial delay make the events appear to follow each other.

  • CSS-Plus V2


    If you haven’t noticed the new design, you’re either new to CSS-Plus or you have hit ctrl / cmd + r in a while. I’ve been talking about a redesign for longer than I’d like but it’s finally here, however it’s not 100% complete yet. You may notice that things look a little funky here and there, but don’t worry, I’m working on it! It should be complete within this week.

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