• IE6 Hover Fix


    The :hover pseudo-class is a very important CSS function. It can be used to highlight text, table-cells, divs, images and much more. Without it websites would be very bland and boring.
    Unfortunately, there is an IE6 hover problem which greatly affects how we can use the :hover pseudo class.

  • IE6 height problem


    As we all know too well, IE6 has many issues, one of which is the IE6 height problem. The outdated browser reads the CSS differently to the modern browsers, and it places emphasis on things that aren’t too important.
    Use IE6 to view the demo

  • slideToggle()


    The slideToggle() effect and the toggleClass() attribute are very useful jQuery tools. I will show you how to quickly implement this into your website and perhaps give you ideas on how you can add this to your already existing websites.

  • Fading Navigation Menu


    Fading Navigation Menu
    For my first tutorial, I have decided on building a simple, yet awesome navigation menu using CSS sprites. After we are done with this I will add a bit of jquery code to give it a visually appealing fade effect. I have included the .PSD file I created in the download under the images folder to make it easier for you to create your own Fading Navigation Menu.

  • CSS-Plus launched!


    Hi everyone.  This is my first article on css-plus.com. I am going to be fine tuning a few things before I start on the awesome tutorials, articles and freebies. I’m pretty excited to get things going.

    Come back and check on the progress!

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