• IE6 Hover Fix


    The :hover pseudo-class is a very important CSS function. It can be used to highlight text, table-cells, divs, images and much more. Without it websites would be very bland and boring.
    Unfortunately, there is an IE6 hover problem which greatly affects how we can use the :hover pseudo class.

  • slideToggle()


    The slideToggle() effect and the toggleClass() attribute are very useful jQuery tools. I will show you how to quickly implement this into your website and perhaps give you ideas on how you can add this to your already existing websites.

  • Fading Navigation Menu


    Fading Navigation Menu
    For my first tutorial, I have decided on building a simple, yet awesome navigation menu using CSS sprites. After we are done with this I will add a bit of jquery code to give it a visually appealing fade effect. I have included the .PSD file I created in the download under the images folder to make it easier for you to create your own Fading Navigation Menu.

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