• Create a Yoyo with jQuery and CSS3


    Haven’t you ever just wanted a yoyo on your webpage? A beautiful, animated, spinning yoyo that slides down like a real yoyo would? I know I have never even thought of it and I probably would never have the need for it either, however it is very useful to learn (If you don’t already know) how one would go about creating a yoyo so you could use the techniques for other things. View the demo in Safari/Chrome and take full advantage of the CSS3.

  • Save time – Use a template


    I like doing things in an organised fashion, and I’m sure most of you do to. I write my CSS, HTML and jQuery in a certain way which I don’t change, unless I decide I’ve found a more efficient way of doing it. For example, I include the CSS reset in every single thing I work on and I would feel as if something was missing if I didn’t, however I have no problem editing the reset if I think it would be more efficient.

  • Fading Navigation Menu


    Fading Navigation Menu
    For my first tutorial, I have decided on building a simple, yet awesome navigation menu using CSS sprites. After we are done with this I will add a bit of jquery code to give it a visually appealing fade effect. I have included the .PSD file I created in the download under the images folder to make it easier for you to create your own Fading Navigation Menu.

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