• How to make the input placeholder more user friendly


    I’ve always loved placeholder text for input fields. Not too long ago the only way to achieve this would be to create a special javascript function that enabled the desired functionality, but now it magically comes pre-built into HTML5. Incase you’re wondering, placeholder text is the text within an input field that disappears once you click on it. It’s often used in place of a label.

  • How to make a jQuery Drop-Down Menu with a CSS fall-back


    The biggest problem with javascript is that we can’t completely rely on it. It can easily be disabled, and once this happens, websites should still function correctly. Javascript powered sub-navigation menus are a big problem, because if javascript is disabled, your website’s navigation suddenly goes out the door. But fear not, there is a solution!

  • Create a Search Form with CSS3 and jQuery


    Most websites nowadays have a search form somewhere. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain why it’s a good idea to have a ‘search’ functionality built into a website and most Content Management Systems already come with the functionality built in. Usually the search area is in an easy to see/find place and it’s because of this reason it’s a good idea for it to look good – Or at least consistent with the rest of the website.

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